From the Grand Up

We're making property enhancements at both Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley to improve the Guest experience.




Deconstruction — Brand Burger Bar and Stories Diner

The second most exciting part of part a big construction project is, of course, deconstruction. Before anything new can be built, what was there before must be removed. Stress relieving visions of sledgehammers and jack hammers deconstructing old walls and floors can bring a smile to even the most timid person. In the case of ongoing upgrades at Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Hinckley, the deconstruction portion of the project has moved into a new phase: Overhead.

Taking apart the structurally suspended stuff above our heads can present unique challenges. If a worker is below a structure he/she must be extra careful so nothing falls on anyone. Sometimes it's possible access the inside of the building from a hole in the roof. This presents even more challenges now that we're coming into the cold season in Minnesota. 

So next time you’re on our floor and you feel a cold breeze drift through a construction wall. Don't worry, we haven't cranked up the AC to silly levels. It's probably just a well-planned hole in the roof.

Hey, do you know what the MOST exciting part of a big construction project is? The Grand Opening! Only one more month or so and both the Brand Burger Bar and Stories Diner will be ready for their big debut!


Concrete Cutting — Brand Burger Bar and Stories Diner

Putting a new water pipe in your home might be as simple as running some PVC tubes underneath your floor, drill a few holes, use some of that purple glue that sticks the pipes together and then bam, a new faucet. In buildings as complex as Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Hinckley there's a lot more involved. Cutting concrete trenches, sand infill and then pouring more concrete back in. Heavy duty tools are called for which makes for heavy duty noise. Hope we haven't disturbed you too much.

As noise levels rise, we issue ear plugs to workers exposed to such conditions. In volume, 85 decibels would be equivalent to using a food blender or riding the subway. Decibel readings taken from the casino gaming floor are between 77-82, or about the noise level of someone singing loudly or riding inside of a loud car.

So next time you’re on our floor and you hear the blade of a concrete saw begin to scream or a percussion drill knock maybe you could sing? You know, just to see if the decibel levels match.