The Grand Casino Mille Lacs “Lend A Hand” program is back!

For the last six years, the “Lend A Hand” program has worked with area businesses to give help to those who need it. We’re happy to continue this tradition in 2021. 

Who do you know who could use a one-day pass for free repairs and maintenance? A neighbor who’s in the military? A single-parent friend? Whoever comes to mind, imagine how they’d feel receiving this gift. Then, fill out the nomination form today to give them a chance.  


  • Deserving families must live within a 40-mile radius of Grand Casino Mille Lacs
  • Other considerations: Disability factors, single parent, spouse in the military, elderly
  • Must not be related to a Grand Casino Associate
  • All nominated families must be willing to interview with the selection committee, have before and after photos taken of their home, and be able to provide proof of homeowner’s insurance


Nominate Someone Today!

Please provide the following information about the nominee and yourself:



How does Lend A Hand work?

Through Grand Casino Mille Lacs' facilities department, volunteers, and donations of services, products, and materials from outside businesses, the Lend A Hand program provides families with much-needed home repairs and maintenance projects.

A nominee is chosen based on the entry requirements. Once the nominee is chosen, the Lend A Hand selection committee will come to the property and make an assessment of needs and take pictures. The selected nominee will be informed of all of the home repairs and maintenance projects that will take place on the Lend A Hand date.

How are nominees selected?

Deserving (low-income) families in need of home repairs or maintenance projects will submit a nomination packet. The Lend A Hand selection committee chooses nominees based on their level of need and entry requirements.

How do you know if you or someone is eligible to become a Lend A Hand recipient?

Deserving families must be low-income and live within a 40-mile radius of Grand Casino Mille Lacs. 

Low-income is identified by the Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines (see chart below). The Lend A Hand Selection committee encourages nominees who fit within the guidelines to submit. We take the poverty guidelines into consideration; however, we do also take in additional factors, such as disability, single parent, military affiliation, and the elderly. Nominees that are related to Grand Casino Associates will be disqualified. 

The 2009 Poverty Guidelines for the
48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

Persons in family

Poverty guideline

















For families with more than 8 persons, add $3,740 for each additional person.

From the HHS 2009 poverty guidelines 

What type of repairs or maintenance does the Lend A Hand project cover?

The type of repairs or maintenance completed depends on each specific nominee. However, in years past, we’ve completed the following projects:

  • Window washing
  • Wood chopping
  • Painting — interior/exterior
  • Cleaning — indoor/outdoor
  • Landscaping
  • Building a wheelchair ramp
  • Rebuilding exterior stairs
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Plus much more!